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   World Bridge Federation

   Above is a link to my record in the World Bridge Federation file, by which you can link
   further to other records and information from WBF. According to its rules, master points
   are reduced by 15% each year for ranking purposes. Once achieved titles are maintained.
   You can click on any competition to see the result list, players of each team, etc.

OS-brons 2000!

    Olympic Senior Bronze Medallists 2000: Morath, Alfredsson, Ekberg, Hallén
    and Backström. The 6:th member of the team, Göthe, was not present at the
    prize-giving ceremony. Photo: Maria Grönkvist.

    European Bridge League

    Above is a link to the EBL home page. There you will find lists of titles by Swedish players.

   European Championships 2001    Sven-Erik Berglund

    With Sven-Olov Flodqvist (wearing red tie) in our team, we hoped for a medal in the European Championships
    of 2001 at Tenerife, Spain. Sweden was also in the lead position during the first week, but was then to suffer
    the loss of Sven-Erik Berglund (to the right) who successfully had partnered SOF, as he regrettably had to leave
    before the finishing days. (Picture from 1977 when he was captaining the Swedish team that won the European
    Open Championships.) Sweden was to be surpassed by Poland and two French teams. Afterwards we enjoyed
    a very nice banquet, though I had to brush up my evening school Spanish, sitting next to the chairman of the
    arranging organization, commenting on the artistic shows.

    Flodqvist, nicknamed 'Tjolpe', also took part in our team in the Senior World Championships in Estoril 2005,
    where we weren't that successful, but still winning our match versus the champions to be, USA 1, featuring
    Bates-Stansby and Sontag-Weichsel. Better though in the subsequent World Transnational Open Teams
    Championships, where we finished as no 17 out of 134 teams and no 1 of the participating senior teams ...
    Leaving behind us Zia Mahmood's team of international stars as well as members of the US Aces and Bessis'
    French team in addition to all Swedish players except Björn Fallenius. You'll find all the details in a link above.

    Thus I had the pleasure to play in different championships from 1999 to 2005 with three of my fellow team
    mates from the first half of the 1960's, Berglund, Flodqvist and Göthe. The one missing member of that team
    was my old partner Sundelin, who was still fighting successfully for Sweden in the open championships.
    Also, in 2020, the first Swedish player to become inducted to the EBL Hall of Fame.

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SM-vinst 2015!
Leif Jonsson's Hulte Nova wins the Swedish Championship for mares on June 29, 2015,
well assisted by her driver for the first time, the alert Torbjörn Jansson.
SM-vinst 2015!
I had written a beginning about horses and trotting, when my memories
took over and brought me to childhood, education and employment.

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